Value Bet For Southampton vs Liverpool

Value Bet For Southampton vs Liverpool

Southampton take on Liverpool at 4.30pm on Sunday 11th February. On paper you’re probably thinking “Liverpool to win” but is that where the value is?

It could well be.

First let me break down this fixture for you real quick..

Liverpool are 3rd in the Premier League and Southampton are 15th.

Where’s the value bet?

It’s on Liverpool to win.

As I write this you can get odds of 1.80 for them to win with Black Type of Betstars.

That equates to an implied probability of 55.60%.. basically they think Liverpool have a 55.60% chance of winning the match.

What probability best represents Liverpool’s chances of winning..

Well, I’ve calculated the most accurate odds for this game as being 1.78 which gives an implied probability of 56.20%.

What does that mean?!

In short it means that you can bet on Liverpool to win at a bigger price than their chances of winning the game.

Great.. how do you take advantage of this Value Bet?!

Let’s say you have a £1,000 bankroll.

Using Kelly Criterion (an optimal staking plan) you’d place a bet of £14.50.

Of course, if you’re more risk averse then you could do 10% kelly, 20% kelly 30% kelly stakes.

Is it guaranteed to win?

Of course not.

All it means is that if the game was played, let’s say 1000 times you could expect Liverpool to win 56.20% of the time.

Team lineups might change at the last minute which would affect the probabilities, and then of course there are random elements which can take place during a game such as refereeing decisions, rash tackles.. you get the drift.

However, by betting on value over time you are stacking the odds in your favour and stand a very high chance of betting profitably.

If you’d like me to explain value bets in more detail feel free to drop me an email or check out this blog post about value bets.