The Boxing Betting Tipster Review

The Boxing Betting Tipster Review

The Boxing Betting Tipster is a very new boxing tipster service that has only been around since January 2017. Members are sent win bets on a range of markets on boxing. Tips are sent between 10am and 11am each day. 

What Starting Bank is Required?

When it comes to following The Boxing Betting Tipster, it is recommended that you use a starting bank of 50pts to cover any losing runs. To put that into perspective, you’d need a bankroll of £500 if you wanted to bet at £10 per point. (which is what the results they showcase are based on)

How Many Selections are Sent?

As a member of The Boxing Betting Tipster you can expect to receive an average of 5 to 10 selections every month. This means that you’d be staking between £50-£100 over the course of each month, if you bet at £10 a point.

Delivery Of Selections..

Selections are sent Monday to Sunday between 10am and 11am. You can access them via email, via the members area and via iOS and Android mobile apps.

Historical Performance

You can check out the all time track record on this page.

Our Verdict..

Positives are that it’s a well managed service and that a full track record is available.

Also, results so far are promising and show good profits.

However, this is a really new service so there really isn’t enough of a track record to go on. This doesn’t inspire enough confidence for us to invest money in this service.

This is one we’ll monitor, and if it still shows profits over the coming months/years maybe it’ll become a serious contender.

If you fancy giving it a try.. 

Grab a 30-day trial here and be sure to let us know how you get on!