Free Football Tips

Free Football Tips

If you’re looking for completely free football tips then you’re in the right place!

Obviously with free tips you don’t always get the historical track record to prove whether they’re profitable over the long term..

However, given that they’re free, you can always just paper trade them first (basically monitor results..) before putting any of your hard earned cash on them.

Anyway, here’s a list of websites and blogs where you can get some decent free football tips..

Football Accumulator Tips

This is a section of this site but it’s well worth a look, especially if you’re looking for a solid well researched daily accumulator.

Check out the latest predictions here.

Asian Handicap Tips

Another section of this blog, and again well worth a look.

Maybe you’re not so familiar with Asian Handicap betting but it’s actually an immense market.

View our latest asian handicap predictions here.

Betting Gods

Every day these guys send you tips from one of their premium football tipster services – if you fancy giving them a try click here.

The key positive about these guys is that they don’t actually run the services themselves.

Why’s that a positive?

Because it means their interest is aligned with the punter. They want their free tips to win just as you and I do.

Sure, they want to encourage people to upgrade to their premium services..

That’s how they generate revenue.

But, the fact is, the better the free tips they provide do, the more likely we are to upgrade.

Value Bet Of The Day

Our very own value bet of the day section.

Super biased I know but consider this..

a) They’re completely FREE.

b) Finding value in sports betting markets is a proven method to become a profitable sports bettor.

Value bets are not “tips” as such, they just highlight betting selections where the odds are in your favour.

Think of it in terms of a coin toss.. we all know it’s 50/50 chance which would be reflected in odds of 2.00.

Now imagine a bookmaker is offering odds of 2.10 for either heads of tails.. you’d be jumping on at that price right?!

Sure you wouldn’t win every time but if you flip the coin 100 times and bet at those odds, you’re highly likely to turn a profit.