The Football Formula Review

The Football Formula Review

The Football Formula is a football tipster service that has been around since May 2016. Each day members are sent 2-3 football tips covering popular leagues/teams in addition to more obscure leagues and teams that you may not have bet on before.

What Starting Bank is Required?

When it comes to following The Football Formula, they recommend that you use a starting bank of 50pts to cover any losing runs. To put that into perspective, you’d need a bankroll of £500 if you wanted to bet at £10 per point (which is what the results they showcase are based on).

How Many Selections are Sent?

As a member of The Football Formula you will receive an average of 45-50 selections every month. This means that you’d be staking between £450-£500 over the course of each month, if you bet at £10 a point.

Delivery Of Selections..

Selections are sent Monday to Sunday between 8.30am and 10am and you can access them via email, via the members area and via iOS and Android mobile apps.

Historical Performance

You can check out the all time track record on this page.

Our Verdict..

Positives are that it’s a well managed service and there aren’t too many tips so it’s manageable.

However, if you take a monthly subscription at £39.94 and only bet to £10 per point you may be a little disappointed.

Let’s just say you started in May 2016 when the service began with a £500 bankroll (That’s allows you £10 per point using the recommended 50 point bankroll).

Between May 2016 and November 2017 you’d have paid 19 months at £39.94. That’s £758.86.

In that time period the service made £845 to £10 level stakes, which, after you take into account the membership fee, would only leave you with £86.14 profit.

That’s a lot of effort for little return and I’d certainly be disappointed at that!

Anyway, it gives us a clear indicator of the kind of stakes and bankroll you’d need to make it worth your while..

Perhaps 5 times that amount would be better – so if you had a £2,500 bankroll to start off with you’d have made £430.70 profit.

Not so bad..

Anyway we’re not currently live proofing this service and so cannot confidently recommend it.

Having said that..

If you do fancy giving it a try, grab a 30-day trial here and be sure to let us know how you get on!