Football Fever Review

Football Fever Review

Football Fever is a service which provides football tips which are sent to you each morning via email.

It may not boast the most prolific of returns when compared against other services but having generated a return on investment of 7.60% since May 2013 it has to date proved to be a steady and consistent earner. Football Fever has netted 61.86 points profit since May 2013, but with relatively low risk average odds at 1.53 with a diligent staking point plan of 2pt stakes it can be considered a good total.

You can secure your first month for just £2.49 so we’d recommend giving it a spin yourself and seeing how you get on. Obviously one month is not really enough to judge a service but it will be enough time for you to decide whether you like the way it is run.

What is the recommended betting Bank?

A 50pt bank is recommended. So for example if you set aside £500 as your initial investment that would equate to £10 per point.

When are selections for Football Fever sent?

Selections are sent daily between 9am-10am (UK)

What are the pricing options for Football Fever?

Monthly Subscription: £9.95
Quarterly Subscription: £19.95

Note: Both Options give you the first week for just £1

Is there a money back guarantee? 

Yes – with Football Fever you receive a 100% risk-free, no questions asked 60 day money-back guarantee.

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